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What the BLOG??

Shelby White

Posted on September 18 2018

What the BLOG??

What in the world do I blog about?

To be honest, I am not sure. I mean, I could tell you about what types of styles are hot, what boots are in style, what animal print to wear. But, honestly, I think Style is your own thing and you should not take advice from anyone but yourself about what you love and what you want to wear!

I am going to tell you lovely people, this blog will be a sort of rambling thoughts from me, the owner of Sage Banty, Shelby. It will probably talk a lot about food, family, friends, and what the heck I do on a daily basis. My goal is to provide you with one blog a week. Some weeks it might not happen, I tend to get myself a little busier then I would like.

So with that being said email me, comment, or just don't say anything, but I want to know from you what you would like to read about. 


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